Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Trickster officially shut down last February, so this post is /very/ late; nevertheless, I think I should at least say good bye here. CACTUS Emoticons 11

Here's a .gif of my memories in-game. (Yes, I kept the screenshots)

I never really got to blog properly and my only motivation for this was Trickster's cuteness (too cute for my life //cries), but I think this already holds a place in my heart. Looking back, this mmorpg made a big impact in my life. For one, Trickster was the reason why I asked my dad for my own desktop in the first place. This game also inspired me to further improve my art. I learned how to deal with my in-game money and transact business with strangers over pixels of equipment. These nearly 6 years of on/off gaming with Trickster contributed a lot to who I've become today.

I understand that I'm being too serious, sappy, and overly emotional over a 2d online game, but I can't really explain it. I watched this game reach its peak and fall to its lowest point. A lot of people started disliking the game 'cause it became cash-centered. With all the PvP drama and easy leveling due to the amount of quests, people started to quit for several reasons. My enjoyment, however, stems from the idea that I could create different characters and style them the way I want. It gives me great satisfaction when I see my characters change jobs or finish an episode quest. It's like watching them develop under my care. They're my babies.♥CACTUS Emoticons 46

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prizes and Fuzzels

The long wait has ended and the Poppuri event is finally over! Luckily, I was able to make a Priest in Fantasia before the maintenance. CACTUS Emoticons 23

That's Leviticus. He's gonna be Eshiulette's hubby. Sadly, Levi has no equips too and is even more dirt-poor than Eshi. ;3; 

Going online, I expected to find Fuzzels in my inventory 'cause team Sunny won with the most boxes.  However, I found out that it's only the winning team in the winning world that gets the Fuzzels. CACTUS Emoticons 35Now my Fantasia sheep will never have a pet. 

I redeemed some of my prizes like the hair dye ticket and changed my hair color. It's now white and fluffy like snow. This would look good with the Blue Butterfly Hairclip, but sadly, I don't have enough tickets. CACTUS Emoticons 28I only had enough for an accessory and a cape with around 50 tickets to spare. I hate how they're not tradeable. The only good thing is that I used my free gacha coins to dig for Poirot items since apparently, they're for level 130. I got the hat, staff and shield.♥ I'm not wearing the hat there though 'cause it's butt ugly. That headband doesn't look good either, but it's better than nothing.

Well, that's it for today's update. CACTUS Emoticons 3I'll check on my other characters tomorrow and check their prizes. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lazy Butt

I am so lazy today. CACTUS Emoticons 3Basically, I've been killing bad furies since two days ago to earn 1k poppuri boxes/ per day to amount to 4.5k boxes before the 29th. Unfortunately, I have no motivation right now and I'm struggling to get 150 boxes more to achieve the day to day goal. 

On the happy side of today's seemingly tiresome day, I finally sold my Lv. Up gift box for 12m! Now I have money on Eshiulette to buy skills. CACTUS Emoticons 53 I just need a seller. 

Despite being the weak noob that I am, I am suppressing myself from buying rage points. It's gotten cheaper compared to the times when ntreev was still in charge. However, if I ever do buy rage points, I'll just end up getting stuff for Eshiulette and not my Jewelia babies. This Fantasia sheep should be purely without myshop with the exclusion of those from events. //let's just hope I keep that statement.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Art of Trading

I've been calculating a lot lately. So far, I have 1050 poppuri boxes on Eshiulette. That's approximately 100 tickets. This means that I'll need around 2k+ boxes more for the rest, assuming that it keeps up the average ratio of 1 ticket /10 boxes. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that this sheep of mine has nothing.
 CACTUS Emoticons 28I don't even have a pet except for Young Egg, Peng, Lamb and Ciqala 30--they don't really make a difference. Therefore, I am going to hunt an extra 100 tickets for a Fuzzels pet. Asdfgh.

On the bright side, I have finally bought Sylph's Playground on Quebee! It's a pretty skill, but I don't really know what I'm going to use it for. Also, the engagement sword fuse that's been rotting in my pack mule has finally been sold too. CACTUS Emoticons 53 Yay, money!♥ I'm hoping that my Lv. Up giftbox in Fantasia gets sold too so I can have enough to buy Staff of Thunder and other third job sheep skills for Eshiulette. //sobs

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fantasia Newbie

Hello! I'm almost done with my checklist!
[x] 570 Tickets on Quebee
[x] 100 Tickets on Uzura
[x] 100 Tickets on iKyuuri
[x] 100 Tickets on HoneyPudding
[ ] 340 Tickets on Eshiulette

I just started playing Eshiulette today and I got from level 1 to 50!♥ It's a big accomplishment for me because I usually just slack off and end up not doing anything. Anyway, I leveled myself to 50 instead of just 30 before fast-tracking 'cause I wanted to get a Lv. Up gift box so I can get some galders on this character. //is very poor CACTUS Emoticons 8
I also just found out that you get these neat panda forms when you reach level 20. CACTUS Emoticons 65Wow, I've been gone for quite a while not to know this. 

And here's me struggling in Poppuri dungeon. I hate this place. Thankfully, I finally left that place after I got to level 43. I just did whatever to reach 45 then I started doing the Caballa quests to 50. Then ta-daaaah! CACTUS Emoticons 4I'm a Soul Master now!

For tomorrow and the days after until the end of the Poppuri event, I'll be killing bad furies or some other monster in Coral Beach to get as many tickets as possible! My goal is at least 340 tickets, but hopefully, I can get more than that. ♥

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tickets, Tickets

Here's an update on my checklist:

[x] 570 tickets on Quebee
[x] 100 tickets on Uzura
[ ] 100 tickets on iKyuuri
[ ] 100 tickets on HoneyPudding
[ ] 340 tickets on unknown Fantasia sheep  Eshiulette

Yes, I finally made a sheep on Fantasia named Eshiulette. CACTUS Emoticons 11She's going to be a water/elec. Soul Master, but right now, she's still level 1. I plan on dyeing her hair white 'cause white suits blue clothing. If I weren't dirt poor, I'd buy the pink fashion set, but since I am, I'll save that for a wind/water/light witch someday instead (also on Fantasia). That witch would be made without the fast-track--aka: never unless I somehow get the determination. //shot

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hunt Hunt Hunt!

While I was afk drilling on Quebee, I decided to hunt 20 tickets for Uzura so I'd be eligible for the event + I get the individual rewards from stage 1 which include a hair dye! 
So since I can't drill on her, being a bunny and all with only 1 stat in sense, I decided to go and kill these lumps of clay. I got around 210 boxes in half an hour! That's so much better than the amount I got on Quebee in the same time-span since I was running two clients. And that is why I am now in Mirage Field 4 using AoE's on the clays. CACTUS Emoticons 52I am determined to get tickets!
Thank you, whirlwind and wind blade for your never-ending support on my sheep. CACTUS Emoticons 58
I shall get 100 tickets on my other characters as well to get 3k myshop. My kitty and bunny need fashion items badly. They look butt-ugly in their second and third job forms. Also, I have a butt-uglier Soul Master with no elements (but I plan on fire/elec.) in my friend's account. I don't even know if I want to get stuff for that sheep. Since there's a fast-track event on-going, I want to make a my own new sheep in Fantasia. Having 3 in Jewelia seems enough already, but I don't know, I can never have enough. CACTUS Emoticons 65They are just too cute, and you can go through various routes. My Soul Master on Fantasia can be water/elec.! I'll try to hunt tickets on that too for the Fuzzels cape and accessory. She'll be my no-myshop character. Although, I'd like a wind/water/light witch too...ASDFGH. I SHOULD REALLY STOP BEING SO CONFUSING. //shot 

Checklist [order of importance]:
[ ] 570 Tickets on Quebee [Fuzzels + Hairclip]
[ ] 100 Tickets on iKyuuri 
[ ] 100 Tickets on Uzura
[ ] 100 Tickets on HoneyPudding
[ ] 340 Tickets on Fantasia sheep

Time to hunt hunt hunt!